Grand Tour

The education of an English gentleman (and later also of many a lady) of past times was only considered complete after he (or she) had completed the “Grand Tour” – a kind of cultural voyage of discovery through continental Europe that traditionally ended in Venice.

The renowned London-based ensemble His Majesty’s Sagbutts & Cornetts has often taken advantage of the fact that the city on the lagoon has always been a magnet for travellers and one of the most important centres of international musical life. This, in turn, is (not entirely) coincidentally also due to the fact that the Basilica di San Marco, because of its many galleries facing each other, enjoyed a multi-choir music-making practice adapted to it. It was almost as famous for the playing of cornets and sagbuts that was practised there as it was for its status as the city’s first landmark.

As in the age of the Tudors and Stuarts, the journey on which the innovative ensemble will take its audience begins in England. From there, it goes via various courts and cities of Lutheran Germany and finally ‘back to the roots’ to Italy, more precisely to the composing rooms of Giovanni Gabrieli or Gioseffo Guami. In the case of their Festival debut, however, the musicians do not enter the magnificent church building on St Mark’s Square, but the galleries of the Imperial Court Church in Innsbruck.



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