Glass in Tyrol

This year, the Tyrolean provincial museums are hosting the annual meeting of the members of ICOM Glass. This year’s theme is “Glass in Tyrol”. The beginnings of Tyrolean glass production, processing and refinement of glass date back to the Middle Ages. For one week, international glass experts will have the opportunity to exchange information and learn about glass production in Tyrol. The organiser ICOM Glass, together with the Tyrolean Provincial Museums and the Institute for the Study of the Habsburg Monarchy and the Balkan Region at the Austrian Academy of Sciences(Corpus Vitrearum project), has put together a varied programme with lectures and excursions.

The accompanying programme includes visits to the Strasser Glass Collection in Ambras Castle, the archives and workshops of Tyrolean Glass Painting/Innsbruck, the museum depot and the restoration workshops of the Tyrolean Provincial Museums as well as excursions to Hall, Kramsach, Rattenberg, Kufstein and Wattens, where Tyrolean glassware (flat and hollow glass) has been produced for several centuries.

Participation in the lectures is open to all interested parties, while due to organisational reasons participation in the excursions is only possible for registered ICOM Glass members as well as invited guests.


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