When Roman coins tell stories

Today, coins are primarily used for paying. But that was not always the case. Coins from times long past still tell stories about politics and economics, rulers and emperors, settlement history and cultic customs: Why were coins hidden, buried and forgotten? What information can be discerned from the coinage? How is the value of an aureus, denarius, sestertius, dupondius or ace determined?

Size and weight, metal, minting and place of discovery help archaeologists to read historical coins. Would you like to listen to their stories?

With the help of Roman coins from the Archaeological Collection of the Tyrolean Provincial Museums, you can follow in the footsteps of the past in the Museum im Zeughaus. Join us in the time of emperors like Augustus and Diocletian, when the "Charon's Penny" still granted entry into the realm of the dead, but money was also counterfeited, and be amazed at how much Roman coins can reveal about the relationship between money, power and history.

Impulse stations

Visitors of all ages can learn interesting facts about money at four stations in the exhibition.

With the help of various impulses at the hands-on stations, exciting information about the Roman currency system, prices, the design of coins and the handling of money in those days is conveyed. In this way, younger and older visitors to the exhibition can experience a bygone age in a lively way.


KulturTon- the culture and education channel on FREIRAD:

A radio programme by Michael Klieber on the exhibition "geld macht geschichte".

Together with research assistant Anton Höck, we get to the bottom of these stories and the exhibition.

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Studio booklet on the exhibition

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money makes history
Roman coins tell the story

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