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The world of conservation and restoration

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For the first time, the exhibition at the Ferdinandeum offers visitors a glimpse into the working world of conservators. Case studies explain the diverse activities involved in the research, conservation and presentation of works of art.

Show restorations in the exhibition

The exhibition offers a very special insight, as you can look over the shoulders of conservators at work:

  • Tuesday to Sunday: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Conservator - a profession with many facets

Precious paintings, ancient books, contemporary art and folkloric objects of daily use: no matter which of these exhibits you come across in the museum, there is a high probability that it has already passed through the hands of a conservator. In very few cases, however, to actually restore them. Today, the activities of conservators in the museum sector are far more diverse. They check the condition of loans for exhibitions, define the specifications for packaging and transport, ensure the framing, safe hanging and aesthetic presentation of the exhibits. In addition, there is the ongoing work on their own collection: researching and conserving. Depending on the nature of the object, whether stone, paper, metal or textile, different expertise is required: How long may a delicate drawing hang in the light? How is a fragile wooden sculpture packaged? Or how can precious traditional costumes be protected from moth infestation?

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of restoration and conservation at the Ferdinandeum. On a tour you will encounter the numerous and varied projects that conservators have worked on in recent years. Take a look over the shoulders of our team at work and find out how restorers really work.

Restoration in the Tyrolean Regional Museums

Restoration experts work in the Tyrolean Provincial Museums on paintings, objects, paper and books, textiles and folk art. The restoration studios are located in the Collection and Research Centre in Hall. Several million objects, and thus a large part of the collection, are stored in the air-conditioned museum depots.

The conservators strive to ensure safe storage and carry out art-technological research as well as conservation measures. For exhibitions, they accompany the production of packaging and the transport of the works. In this way, they ensure that valuable contemporary testimonies are preserved for as long as possible.

ShortStories #13

In this video, conservator Alexander Fohs talks about the work of conservators in the museum. He shows how objects can be presented safely in the museum. He talks about double-sided framing, a paper cot and a book cradle.

Short Story #14

In this video, Laura Resenberg, Head of Restoration at the Tyrolean Provincial Museums, talks about the technical art research on the reredos of Tyrol Castle.

Short Story #15

In this video, cultural mediator Sonja Fabian talks about the show restoration in the exhibition.


KulturTon - the culture and education channel on FREIRAD:

A radio programme by Michael Klieber on the exhibition "In Detail. The World of Conservation and Restoration".

Together with curator Laura Resenberg we explore the world of conservation and restoration and learn a lot about the field of work of a conservator.

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The world of conservation and restoration

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